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How to register people to vote

Voter Registration Form QR Code

Voter Registration Form QR Code

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Registering people to vote is simple. All you’ll need is an internet accessible smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Introduce yourself to the person (or people). For example, “Hi, my name is [Your Name] and I am volunteering to register voters.”
  • Ask “Are you registered to vote?”
  • You may get a variety of responses. However, do not be discouraged. We’re including a few scenarios to help you with the conversation, in the next section.
  • Share the voter registration QR code (or use the url www.cleartheair.us/register). Remember that we are empowering each person to make an informed decision about voting without imposing the personal views of ourselves or others.
  • Thank the person for their time.

Common Voter Registration Conversations

  • “I have never registered to vote…”

Your response: “That’s okay. You’re not alone. I will show you how to begin. It only takes a few minutes.” www.cleartheair.us/register


  • “I don’t think it will matter…”

Your response: “But it does. A single vote can be the deciding factor in your federal, state, and local elections – especially if there’s a recount.” www.cleartheair.us/register


  • “I don’t like the candidates…”

Your response: “Vote anyway. There is power in voting. And, we want your voice heard.” www.cleartheair.us/register


  • “I am in the military…”

Your response: “Thank you for your service. I’ll show you how to request an absentee ballot, in case you are traveling or deploying soon.” “Feel free to share this method with your fellow service members.” overseasvotefoundation.org/vote/home.htm


  • “I’m already registered…”

Your response: “Wonderful! I can show you how to verify your information is up-to-date, such as your address or if you have had a recent name change. It will only take a few minutes.” www.cleartheair.us/registration-lookup


  • “I do not like to get involved in politics…”

Your response: “That’s understandable. How about I show you how to register, so that you have the option to vote.” www.cleartheair.us/register


  • “I have a felony…”

Your response: “That’s okay. I can show you a resource to determine your eligibility to vote in your state.” campaignlegal.org/restoreyourvote


  • “I am not a citizen…”

Your response: “That’s okay. You can still be involved by encouraging eligible friends, family-members, coworkers, and people of your community to vote.” www.cleartheair.us/get-involved


  • “I am in college…”

Your response: “Okay, you have the option of registering in either your home state or the state of your college (or university) you will be attending. Which mailing address are you choosing?” “Let’s get you started. I will show you how to begin.” www.cleartheair.us/register


  • “I am experiencing homelessness (or am in transition)…”

Your response: Okay. You should be able to use the address where you sleep for your voter registration. I can show you a helpful resource.” www.nonprofitvote.org/voting-in-your-state/special-circumstances/voting-and-homelessness/


  • “I am not old enough…”

Your response: “Will you be 18 by election day? If so, you may be able to register now. Let’s check the rules for your state with your Secretary of State website.”





Clear The Air is Nonpartisan

Clear The Air is a nonpartisan, civic initiative with a focus on getting people to vote. Thus, we can not recommend or endorse candidates. Our goal is to engage new and existing voters. Thank you for choosing to volunteer with us. We truly appreciate the support. For more ways to get involved, visit www.cleartheair.us/get-involved